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What is a Living Trust?

Revocable Living Trusts, also referred to as revocable inter vivos trusts (“inter vivos” is Latin for “between the living”), are an increasingly popular way to hold title to assets and avoid the Probate Court process. It is anticipated many more Americans will use a Revocable Living Trust in the years ahead.

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What is in a typical Estate Plan?

When one has an Estate Plan, and more specifically, a Revocable Living Trust, it is important that that Estate Plan be administrated. In other words, an administrator is the person that is nominated in the Living Trust document to manage the Trust.

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What is Probate?

Due to the fact, at least in the state of California, if you own real estate, you will be required to court-supervised Probate. Probate is a lengthy, costly, bureaucratic, court process, which the majority of Californians will have to go through. There is an option to avoid Probate, and that is the Estate Plan which would include a Living Trust.

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Slide SENSIBLE At the Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group we strive to keep it simple - providing our clients with a superior customer service experience and top-notch legal documents. We want you to feel relaxed and have a full understanding of your legal needs and how we can help to achieve them. Our comfortable and welcoming environment is more about “substance” than style. Slide EXPERIENCED At the Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group, our expert attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience. We specialize in the practice of Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration. By focusing our specialization in this field of law, we are able to deliver superior legal advice while staying up-to-date on changes that could affect your estate. Slide RELIABLE When you are seeking legal representation, you need a firm you can trust to do the right thing and protect your best interests. This is especially true when managing important assets such as your family’s estate. The Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group has been providing high quality legal services since 1976 and has helped more than 10,000 satisfied clients with their legal needs.
Will and Estate Lawyer Escondido

Welcome to The Lawyer In Blue Jeans Group!  Our law firm helps families in Escondido and a host of other communities escape the unsettling reality so many face – not being prepared with Will and Estate Planning that allows beneficiaries of an estate to bypass Probate Court.  Without taking this proactive measure, the executor of an estate would need to be prepared for a tsunami of out-of-pocket costs and complications that would ensue, due to Probate Court taking over.

If you are an executor of an estate, you can feel assurance by seeking the expertise of a highly-competent Will and Estate lawyer to help you execute your loved one’s wishes.  If a Will is in place but no Living Trust exists, Probate proceedings would still, very likely, take over.  Our team is here to guide you, alleviate your concerns, and give you peace of mind.

If you are the bequeather of an estate, understanding the critical importance of why you should look beyond just a Will is paramount.  Here, we offer valuable insight into Wills and Estate Planning you will want to know.


Your Will – Don’t Let it Fall Victim to Probate Court

It cannot be stressed enough:  if no Living Trust exists, even the simplest Will would be subjected to the drawn out Probate process.  Not only can Probate take up an immense amount of time to determine the distribution of assets – often taking a year or several years – but it is very expensive for the executor handling a deceased person’s estate.  To add even more stress, Probate becomes more expensive and more complex if a decedent had assets in more than one state.  

Be assured that our team is ready to answer any questions you might have – from drawing up a Will, to questions surrounding an existing Will, to creating a Will as part of an Estate plan, and more.  The bottom line remains:  a Living Trust can avoid Probate Court, but a Will, on its own, cannot.


A Pour-Over Will

A Pour-Over Will is used in conjunction with a Trust.  It allows assets that are not titled in the Trust to be directed into the Trust, upon one’s death.  This way, additional assets in individuals’ estates are not probated – they are “poured over” into the Trust.  One of our Will and Estate lawyers will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail, via a complimentary consultation.


A Simple Will

Unlike a Pour-Over Will, a Simple Will is not used with a Living Trust.  It caters to those who have very simple estates that may not involve any real property or minor children, for example.  Property and other assets associated with a Simple Will are subject to Probate.

No matter what type of Will you might choose, the way to bypass Probate is to establish a Revocable Living Trust or an Irrevocable Living Trust.  Though the legalities surrounding Wills can become very complex, our team is highly familiar with the intricate details of these types of issues, and we’re here to put your mind at ease!


Estate Planning – Your Ticket to Peace of Mind

One of the most important things you can do for your beneficiaries is to leave a legacy free from the nightmarish circumstances Probate Court, often, generates.  Being prepared for the future is synonymous with creating a Comprehensive Estate Plan that would include a Living Trust.

Our Escondido clients come to know, very quickly, how a Comprehensive Estate Plan serves as the best way to transfer assets to heirs, outside of Probate Court.  A Living Trust component ensures the proper management of your finances and healthcare if you become incapacitated.

At The Lawyer In Blue Jeans Group, our Comprehensive Estate Planning helps families and individuals of Escondido with any of their needs surrounding Living Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, and Trust Administration.

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