Who is The Lawyer in Blue Jeans?

Jeff Isaac - The Lawyer In Blue JeansJeff Isaac, Esq., AKA “The Lawyer in Blue Jeans,” is the founder and principal attorney at The Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group – a firm dedicated to providing efficient and economical legal services, including the establishment of Revocable Living Trusts, Trust and Probate Administration, Business Entity Formation, and Bankruptcy. Isaac’s San Diego based law firm addresses a distinct niche within the legal profession by providing consumers with proactive approaches to help shield against lawyers, legal fees, courts, and the emotional and financial costs related thereto at a fee within their means.

Isaac is an energetic hybrid of down to earth legal advice, humor and engaging commentary on life’s daily legal challenges. A veteran attorney with over 30-years under his proverbial belt, he offers down-to-earth expert perspective on both personal legal issues as well as those current events in law that affect society on a day-to-day basis. Isaac’s distinctive style of what he calls “Blue Jeans Law” is highly relate-able and comforting to a public that is known to harbor negative mis-perceptions about attorneys at large. In today’s overly litigious society, this “Blue Jeans Law” philosophy is a welcome and refreshing view of the legal system with the “common man’s” interest at heart.

Isaac is also an invigorating public speaker and media personality who imparts his unique style and lighthearted perspective throughout the airwaves as host of 760 KFMB AM’s “The Lawyer in Blue Jeans”, a talk radio program aired weekly throughout San Diego county. Listeners benefit from frank discussions with Isaac about the legal issues that affect their daily lives. A sought after cross-media expert source, Isaac also appears weekly on KUSI Channel 9 in San Diego. There, he serves as a legal expert who provides insightful legal explanations, interpretations and perspective on legal issues that impact viewers on a personal level as well as the region at large. Having written ten books including “The Wacky World of Laws,” Isaac is an accomplished author who has also penned weekly columns for the San Diego Daily Transcript – a highly respected business newspaper in San Diego County. He is also the producer of the “Everything You Need to Know About Living Trusts” DVD and Audio CD.

Isaac’s highly regarded and eagerly anticipated expert opinion runs the gamut from very serious to absolutely outrageous, which is a style he developed through his diverse professional background. In addition to legal pursuits including that as a law professor, Isaac has served as a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Office in the United States Army, a high school football coach, and an outspoken and involved member of his community for charitable and other events.


Jeff Isaac, “The Lawyer in Blue Jeans” has been heard on AM 600 KOGO, AM 1360 KPOP, AM 1130 KSDO AM and on TALK RADIO 760 KFMB AM in San Diego. His listeners tuned in for almost 20 years to hear a light hearted but honest approach to life’s daily legal challenges. He instantly develops a rapport with his callers and creates a trusting environment that encourages frank discussions about the legal issues that are affecting our lives.

Jeff, a lawyer for the past 36 years, can relate to his audience, due to his background as a High School Football Coach, Member of the Judge Advocate Generals Office in the Army, as well as his consistent involvement in charity and community events. His show not only covers the personal legal issues of his listeners but current events in the law that affects society on a day-to-day basis. His “Blue Jeans Law” style is comforting to the public and his outgoing personality lets the listeners know that Jeff is on their side.


Jeff Isaac, “The Lawyer in Blue Jeans”, is happy to join the news team at XETV Channel 6 San Diego and their team of legal experts to provide viewers with legal explanations, interpretations and perspective on legal issues and hot topics that affect their everyday lives- all conveyed in his trademark down-to-earth “Blue Jeans Law” style. Jeff’s ability to explain confusing and often convoluted legal topics, in his distinctive “Blue Jeans” style- offers San Diegans a refreshing view of the legal system with the common man’s interest at heart. To view some of his previous topics with Channel 6 follow this link: http://www.sandiego6.com/news/hot-topics . You can see him live every Monday and Wednesday at 8:40am and every Saturday and Sunday at 9:20am.

For the past six years, Jeff was seen regularly on KFMB Channel 8 TV (CBS) in San Diego, and he was also part of the KUSI 9 TV newsteam where he was called upon for legal explanations, and commentary during high profile court cases as well as legal issues that impacted the area and the country.


Jeff Isaac is an accomplished author and has written numerous books, including the just released, “Guide To Winning In Small Claims Court“. He has also written for several news publications, including the San Diego Daily Transcript, a highly respected business newspaper.