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The Wacky World Of Laws - US and International LawsDid you know that in Boise, Idaho fishing from a camel or giraffe’s back is illegal, that in Malibu, California laughing out loud in a movie theater could be considered disturbing the peace, and in Massachusetts tomatoes are not allowed in clam chowder? These are among the many laughable and crazy laws detailed in Jeff Isaac’s humorous new book.

“With the current legal landscape dominated by a glut of hard and downright depressing news, Americans are sorely in need of a quick chuckle on the ‘softer side of the law,’” notes author Jeff Isaac. “With the United States churning out upwards of 500,000 new laws each year and 2 million regulations annually, this book is written for those who want a good laugh at the expense of the legal system and who relish being the hit of water cooler conversation.




Guide To Winning In Small Claims CourtSmall Claims Court is the Lawyer in Blue Jeans’ favorite way for the individual to utilize the legal system without having to pay exorbitant attorney or court fees. In this guide, you will find out how to take your case to Small Claims Court, what to expect, and how to defend yourself if you find yourself on the “wrong end” of a Small Claims lawsuit. In true Blue Jeans fashion, Jeff also explains ways to try to work things out without having to take your matter to court!