Protect Yourself: Social Media Defamation

Suing People For What They Said On Social Media?


This week, our Protect Yourself question comes from Cheryl in Lakeside, CA. Cheryl writes,


A friend of mine who I had an argument with a few weeks ago is going online and saying ridiculous, mean, untrue statement about me. She is telling everyone that I have been sleeping with her boyfriend. Totally untrue! What can I do? Thanks for your help! – Cheryl”

We are entering a new era of laws and social media. We’ve recently seen people using Facebook to divorce. In Cheryl’s case, defamation of character is the law that comes into play.

Does Cheryl have the right to sue?

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Free Alcohol at California Barber Shops?

Proposed Bill For Free Alcohol At Hair Salons

Free alcohol at California Barber ShopsThe California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization have approved a bill (71-0) that would make it legal for barber shops and salons to offer free alcohol.  Assemblyman Tom Daly authored Bill 1322 which would allow over 45,000 beauty salons and barber shops to serve one glass of beer or wine to their patrons.

Giving free drinks in limos and hot air balloons is currently legal.

This bill is expected to pass but not everyone is happy about it. Alcohol Justice, the “Industry Watchdog” claims that “The scenarios for how bad this bill is are endless…” and goes on to lists those hypothetical scenarios.

There are plenty of barber shops and salons that already offer beer or wine with their services.

You can read the entire bill by clicking here.

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Protect Yourself: Speeding In California

California’s Speed Limit

This week, our Protect Yourself question comes from Jane in San Diego, California. Jane was given a speeding ticket and wants to know her legal rights in the matter. Jane writes,


I was given a ticket last week for speeding. I was going 73 mph and the flow of traffic seem to be with me or even a little faster. I explained this to the officer but he said you were speeding and you’ve violated the law therefore I am ticketing you. What are my rights? – Jane”

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Divorce by Facebook

New York – Woman Uses Facebook To Service Divorce Papers

Filing for divorce on Facebook

In New York, Ellanora Arthur Baidoo is using Facebook to divorce her husband.

Typically, divorce papers are served in person. If this is not possible, papers are usually brought to the person’s residence. However, what happens if you are unable to serve papers in person and the defendant does not have a home address or cannot be located? For Ellanora Arthur Baidoo, Facebook had the answers.  [Read more…]

Dress Ruined at Dry Cleaners – Now What?

dry cleaning legal adviceProtect Yourself

This week’s Protect Yourself topic comes from Amy in San Diego, California. Amy’s favorite dress was ruined by her dry cleaner and she wants to know her legal options. Here is Amy’s question:

“I brought in my favorite dress to the dry cleaners, as I was in the wedding party for a good friend. When I picked it up there were stains that were not removable and it was impossible to wear. I had to buy another dress. What are my rights against the dry cleaner?” – Amy, San Diego

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Cadbury vs Hershey

An Easter Battle

People are upset about not being able to get their authentic Cadbury eggs this year. This is due to a lawsuit from Hershey (an American company) that says Cadbury (a British based company) is infringing on their trademark. Hershey is putting a stop the import of the popular Easter candy, among others.  [Read more…]

Proposed “Execute The Gays” Bill in California

Proposed Law In A Nutshell: If you are gay, people have the right to shoot you.

There are good laws, there are crazy laws, and then there are pathetic and idiotic laws. This proposal, by attorney Matt McLaughlin, is perhaps the most pathetic and idiotic.

Knowns as “The Sodomite Suppression Act,” the proposal seeks to legalize the murder or execution of gay people for being gay.

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Lawsuit Claims California Wines Contain Arsenic

“Unsafe” Levels of Arsenic in Top Selling Wines?

Lawsuit Claims California Wines Contain Arsenic

The lawsuit was filed on March 19th and lists 83 wines that have unsafe levels of arsenic. Laboratories that analyzed the wines said that the lower the price of the wine, the higher the level of arsenic. Of course, the wineries are expected to challenge these allegations.  [Read more…]

Can You Call The Police About A Noisy Dog?

Protect Yourself

lawyer in blue jeans San Diego attorneyIn this week’s Protect Yourself segment we hear from Margret in Chula Vista, California, who lives next door to a noisy dog.

Dear Jeff,

My neighbor has a dog that barks at all hours. I can not get any sleep. I also am going thru chemotherapy. I must have peace and quiet. Can I call the police? Please help. Thanks.



Can I Call The Police?

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The Legalities of March Madness

Are Betting Pools Legal in California?

The short answer… no, not really.

There is a law in California that makes participating in betting pools a felony. However, there is another law that basically that makes it a misdemeanor. So, no, betting pools in California are not legal and participating in events such as March Madness is illegal.

Is it likely you could be arrested for playing March Madness? No, not likely. Also not impossible.

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